Who is special to me?

November 4th, 2017  Tagged ,

In PSHCEe, we have been looking at special people. We talked about people who are special to us, and why.

Asking questions

November 4th, 2017  Tagged ,

In English, we have been learning about different types of sentences. We  started off looking at questions. The children used a Quiz. quiz, trade to ask some questions. The children then made their own ‘question hand’ to help them. The children worked collaboratively to come up with a range of questions.

Black History

October 29th, 2017  Tagged ,

We enjoyed developing our History skills during Black Histroy Day learning all about Rosa Parks.

Collaborative Learning

October 7th, 2017  Tagged ,

 We have been learning to use a Numbered Heads together to help us solve some problems. The children worked really well together, and listened to each other’s ideas.  

Peer Assessment

October 7th, 2017  Tagged , , ,

After completing their writing, the children shared it with their parter to help to improve their work.

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