November 29th, 2017  Tagged ,

We enjoyed reading to and listening to our partner this afternoon. We listened carefully and asked them some questions about the text.

Improved Handwriting

November 29th, 2017  Tagged

Fantastic progress in handwriting from Bawar and Kamila

Using Expression

November 29th, 2017  Tagged

The children have been using their voice to act out different characters. They used Seesaw to record it.

Writing Progress

November 23rd, 2017  Tagged

These children have been trying very hard with their writing. Look at the progress they have made. Sami Bawar Ma’vaius

Reading Buddies

November 21st, 2017  Tagged ,

Year 2 have enjoyed their first day with their Reading Buddies. Thank you Year 6!


November 21st, 2017  Tagged , ,

We have been learning the poem, Please Mrs Butler. The children enjoyed putting actions to it and performed it for the class.


November 21st, 2017  Tagged ,

In Year 2, we have been focusing on using expression when reading. This little girl has made lots of progress.  


November 21st, 2017  Tagged

We have been learning about homophones in English. The children started off by using a card sort to match the picture. The children then worked collaboratively to match the correct spelling to the correct picture.


November 21st, 2017  Tagged ,

The children have enjoyed spending some time reading and listening to their friends.    


November 4th, 2017  Tagged , ,

Some children have been recording their questions using Seesaw.

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