Welcome to our banquet…

December 15th, 2017  Tagged

Year 2 celebrated the end of our History unit on castles by having a banquet. All of the children had enjoyed learning about life in a castle and the reasons that castles were built. Thank you to all the parents who came to join us on the day.     

Guy Fawkes comes to visit …¬†

November 16th, 2017  Tagged ,

Guy Fawkes paid a surprise visit to Year 2 today and the children had an opportunity to ask him questions about his part in the Gunpowder Plot ! It was a perfect chance for them to find out more information about the past from  one of history’s famous characters.        

A special visitor comes to school …

November 10th, 2017  Tagged

Year 2 had a real treat this morning when the famous author, Piers Torday , came to read us a story. Everybody really enjoyed it !      


October 7th, 2017  Tagged , ,

The children have been working together to add actions to a poem. They performed them to the class.

Science Рlooking at living and non-living things in Forest  School

September 28th, 2017  Tagged ,

This term , Year 2 went outside to Forest School to explore and find examples of living and non-living things. We discovered lots of living creatures hiding away under logs and stones and we could list lots of non-living objects as well.          

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